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Framework Compliance

The assessment of current business operations is a major factor to ensuring increased security posture for an organization.  Mad Hatter Solutions will document every aspect of your business to understand how your business operates on a daily basis and identify risk that need to be addressed.  We take pride in making sure your organization is successful in protecting your data against threats. We provide the following services:

Step 1:

Assess Organization Current State

Our consultants observe your organizational policy and procedures to gain an understanding on how daily business is conducted

1. Observe People, Process, Technology 

2. Identify Governance and Compliance

3. Identify Risk Management Processes 

4. Measure Security Posture

Step 2:

Define Organization Desired State

Stakeholders will provide our consultants the effectiveness they would like to achieve in their security posture throughout their organization

1. Identify Goals and Objectives

2. Adjust Policy and Procedures

3. Define Metric Requirements

4. Utilize Process Assessment Model  

Step 3:

Risk Management Activities 

Risk are analyzed to identify gaps between the current and desired state of the organization.  Risk activities are deployed to categorize risk and develop a strategy that will minimize impact from active risk

1. Identify Administrative Controls

2. Identify Logical Controls

3. Identify Physical Controls

4. Define Continuity Plan

5. Define Incident Response Plan

Step 4:

Continuous Program Management

Establishment of a Risk Management Program will facilitate efficient processes, consistent policies, support skillful personnel, and continuous awareness of security risk.  Maintaining a program will allow organizations to operate at its full potential 

1. Establish Policies and Processes

2. Define Performance Metrics

3. Establish Secure Culture

4. Deploy  Security Awareness Programs


Risk can be measured through qualitative quantitative, and semi-quantitative analysis. Using these three techniques will allow organizations to determine which risk are the most critical and prioritize deployment of controls to maintain the risk that threaten organizational resources. 

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Organization can mitigate risk through multiple methods that will protect their resources.  These methods can include accepting risk, avoiding risk, transferring risk, or maintaining risk.  

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Determining the impacts of risk will give insight to which resources are the most important.  Deploying the correct control for an organization is dependent on the business impact analysis.  Controls deployed should always be cost-beneficial to the organization and always kept up-to-date.  

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