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Risk Assessments

Disasters can occur at any given moment, and you must have a business continuity plan in place.  Conducting BCP test will confirm if it aligns with business objectives and is sufficient enough to protect your data.  If a BCP does not exist then you run the risk of suffering severe damages or losing your business altogether. We provide the following services:

Step 1:

Conduct Impact Assessment

Understanding which protective measures to deploy, involves knowing the impact a risk can have if its not mitigated. Assessments facilitate asset prioritization, cost-benefit of controls, risk treatment, and recovery strategy.

1. Planning and Scoping

2. Continuity Framework/Policy

3. Business Impact Assessment

Step 2:

Define Response and Recovery Time

Identification of critical assets allow organizations to prioritize data to recover first and how quickly the data needs to be recovered based on business needs. 

1. Integration of IT Plans

2. Determine KPI, KPG, MTO, MTD, RTO, SDO

3. Define Escalation Process 

4. Determine Recovery Sites

5. Insurance Coverage 

Step 3:

Training Personnel

Saving human-life is the first priority in business recovery. Training personnel on their role in recovery plans can assure BCP/DRP plans are carried out efficiently and effectively that support the long-life of a business through disasters.


1. Communication of BCP

2. Distribution of BCP

3. Train Response Staff

4. Incident Notification Process

5. Business Recovery Planning

Step 4:

Testing BCP/DRP Plans

Baseline measurements can determine how successful a BCP/DRP is for an organization.  Our consultants facilitate setting key-performance indicators that guide an organization in the desired outcome for their business recovery strategies. 


1. Plan Stress Testing

2. Analysis of Test Results

3. Testing of Recovery Service Levels

4. Test Frequency  

Monitoring Room

Notifying the right personnel is a major factor in the success of a business continuity plan. It is imperative organizations maintain a contact list for hardware, software, HR, law enforcement, and POCs for alternative sites. 

Mac Mouse

Recovery strategies should address issues in regards to recovering critical resources that ensure sustainability for your business during a disaster.  We make sure that we create the best plan for your cyber security needs by helping you determine the recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO), service delivery objective (SDO), and maximum tolerable outage (MTO). 

Social network concept

The efficiency of a plan is measured by the metrics established by an organization.  Testing will allow teams to become more familiar with the business continuity plan which leads to an improved plan that will better protect your organizational resources. 

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