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IT Audit

It is critical for an organization to comply with industry standards to avoid regulatory consequences that can ruin the reputation of a business. Our consultants will assess your organizations current security posture and identify security gaps within your defenses.  Our goal is to ensure effective and efficient controls are implemented to protect your resources. We provide the following audit services:

Step 1:


During the planning phase our consultants determine audit scope and objectives to measure your business to ensure you meet industry standards

  1. Determine audit subject.

  2. Define audit objective.

  3. Set audit scope.

  4. Perform pre-audit planning.

  5. Determine audit procedures and steps for data gathering

Step 2:


Once planning the audit is completed, our consultants acquire data from your company and test it against industry standard controls to measure your security posture

1,   Acquire Data

2.  Test Controls

3,  Discovery & Validation

4.  Document Results 

Step 3:


Results are documented and reported to clients that display current vulnerabilities within the clients organization. Recommendations on how to handle the risk will be given to help improve the security posture

1. Gather Report Requirements

2. Draft Report

3. Issue Report

4. Follow up 


Audit strategies can be deployed for short-term plans that address audit issues within a one year time-frame.  Long-term strategies help an organizations overall IT direction by focusing on the entire IT environment.

The right controls will help protect an organization from IT threats by reducing risk.  Controls need to meet IT standards, fit organization objectives, and cost-beneficial to the organization. 


Continuous monitoring and improvement will help maintain risk at an acceptable-level.  This will prevent organizations from suffering consequences such as financial losses, loss of critical data, or loss of reputation.

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